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From pregnancy retreats, through online birth & postpartum preparation school, to the Mamamoon app. Finally, we can democratize access to birth & postpartum preparation for parents(-to-be) everywhere.



Pregnancy, birth, postpartum, parenting, and women's health professionals working with Mamamoon to define and assist in the program.



Products and services that offer selective discounts for Mamamoon community via the Rewards in the app.


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Classes, courses, short tutorials, birth stories, interviews with experts, and more!

The story and mission behind our company

At Mamamoon we envision a world where women's health is understood and supported at every phase of their lives. Pregnancy is a critical period in a woman's life and the gateway to parenthood. More and more women report birth trauma and postpartum depression, which impacts not only women's health but also the well-being of whole families.
With the Mamamoon app, we aim to improve the experience during pregnancy and postpartum and equip women and their loved ones with tools that support them during that vulnerable period of their lives. So you can also feel like a superhero after giving birth. After every birth.

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Combining domain expertise and technical excellence in-house.

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Birth preparation has been recommended by WHO as a way to improve the birth experience and help avoid medical risks.