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What Mamamoon has to offer

No need to Google 'is XYZ normal' anymore!

Earn 1-on-1 calls with best-in-class birth & postpartum experts to have your questions answered.

Personalized guidance through your pregnancy and postpartum

With one goal in mind: to support a mother towards a smoother birth & postpartum recovery.

12+ hours of expert pre-recorded classes

Dive deeper into your favorite topic with pre-recorded classes prepared by best-in-class experts.

Find discounts for brands that our mamas love

Our plans

You can join as early as week 3 of your pregnancy, and stay with us till the end of your 4th trimester, postpartum week 16.

Meet the Mamamoon Experts who work with us to curate the program, and assist you during pregnancy and postpartum in 1-on-1 consultations

Earn unique discounts and rewards

We love sharing our mamas' favorite brands. Earn unicorn credits, and claim discounts on pregnancy, parenting, and baby care brands that have been recommended by our Mamamoon community. Many sustainable parenting solutions that we personally advocate for as well.

Pregnancy & postpartum care

From natural cosmetics with Naif, high-quality hygiene products with Yoni, through self-care treatments at best massage studios.

Parenting & baby care

Discover sustainable parenting brands, and support yourself with products and services recommended by our Mamamoon parents.

See what other parents think about birth preparation.

Birth preparation has been recommended by WHO as a way to improve the birth experience and help avoid medical risks.

From pregnancy, through birth, to postpartum recovery

No fuzziness

Women feel lost, overwhelmed, anxious and confused by too much information - with weekly checklists, we filter out the most important information, and help you focus on what matters most towards smother birth.

High quality pre-recorded classes

Dive deeper into every topic with pre-recorded classes and courses anytime, anywhere.

Frequently asked questions about Mamamoon

At which step of the pregnancy is it best to sign up for the Mamamoon App?

You can join as soon as you know you are pregnant. Our program is ready for you from the early weeks of pregnancy and supports you through your 4th trimester (week 16 postpartum).

Can I sign up if I’m already at the end of my pregnancy?

Absolutely! We prepared the program for you also for the weeks after childbirth, which many of our mamas find super helpful, and sometimes only sign up for this part! Plus, you can always ‘go back in time’, and check out the program from earlier weeks. There is no need to do it all, but we’d like to give you full access either way. There are some tasty soup recipes, inspiring birth & motherhood stories, tips from fellow parents, links to podcasts we love, and amazing tools from yoga, breathing, and hypnobirthing that will support you ALWAYS, whenever YOU feel you can benefit from it, we want you to have it.

How to upgrade your Mamamoon subscription?

1. Open the web app in browser
Begin by logging into the web app using your computer or preferred browser at (Your username and password are the same as in the app)

2. Navigate to the Upgrade Page
Head to, where you'll find options to upgrade your subscription.

3. Select subscription type and complete steps
Choose a subscription plan that suits your preferences—monthly or yearly—and proceed to complete the payment.

Can I join if I never practiced yoga before?

Of course! All yoga classes, poses, and practices are tailored for mamas to support them in pregnancy and postpartum, whether they have experience with yoga or not. We also share simple practices that you can do outside of a yoga mat, so if stepping on the mat is not something you like, or your body would rather avoid, we have alternatives as well.

Can I sign up after childbirth?

Yes! Our program runs through all three trimesters of pregnancy, and the fourth trimester as well (the first 16 weeks after childbirth). We are also working on parenting modules, so please keep an eye on what’s new in the app!

Are the videos paid or free?

Some videos are free for all. For some videos, you can gain access to unicorn points. Other videos are free under subscription but paid in the free trial period. And some videos are always available in the shop. We created a mix to support you in a journey whether you like to dive deeper into some of the topics, or maybe time only allows you to do as much as you can in a day.

Are the online classes live or pre-recorded?

All online classes are pre-recorded to allow our Mamas to benefit from them wherever and whenever they have time for it. As part of the reward system, you can however select a live session with a number of our experts, which will be then done in an online setting, but live. Think nutrition, birth & postpartum preparation, parent coaching, postpartum exercise, and more!

Is the content for my partner the same as for myself?

The content is not the same as your journeys are simply different. Having said that, our focus with the Mamamoon app is to improve your experience as a mom throughout pregnancy, birth, and postpartum so that you will find some of the topics popping up in your partner’s content as well. Think nutrition tips, partner practices to use during labor, how to prepare for postpartum, parenting and change that comes with it, etc. We won’t ask them to do prenatal yoga, or hip openers to prepare your body for birth, but we may share some tips for breathing practices which we may find beneficial during our parenting life as well.

Is it a free app or do I pay?

Our app has a free trial period during which we share with you all the content, so you can fully experience it, hopefully feel the value for yourself, and join us on a subscription basis afterwards. You will be able to stop the subscription anytime, and you will be able to sign up for the full period of your remaining pregnancy and 4th trimester with a discount. Whatever works best for you.

What is Hypnobirthing?

HypnoBirthing is a complete birth preparation course supporting parents-to-be towards a smoother birth. It is based on the core principle related to the importance of staying calm while giving birth. And the reason to stay calm is due to the way that our body is built, specifically to the hormones we release when in labor and to our uterus muscles, and how those muscles work during contractions when we are relaxed vs. when we are anxious. When we’re tense, it creates more closure than an opening, leads to longer labor, and it makes us feel more intense surges/contractions than we would otherwise feel when we stay relaxed and open.

HypnoBirthing methods help us in multiple ways:

  • To learn to identify when we are feeling stressed – identify by ourselves and by our birthing team based on our behaviors and body language, so they can see those moments as well, without us having to say anything.

  • To act accordingly in those situations when we are stressed, supporting ourselves directly (e.g., with breathing techniques) or receiving the support of our birthing team, to help us relax again (think massage techniques, acupressure, changing the positions, rebozo practices, and more).

  • To work on eliminating any potential triggers of stress before the labor starts. We cannot eliminate everything, but some things we surely can. For example, if we make ourselves and our birthing team aware of the fact that too many people in a room may stress us out, we can simply add it to our birth preferences, so the team around us would help us avoid it. And for those triggers that we cannot fix before the labor starts, we work with a fear release exercise and a hypnosis script, to come to the point that if anything like that does happen, we look at it without all of the emotions, but accept it and take it from there.

  • To prepare you for whatever comes your way. Birth is not always playing out as we would wish, but as long as we feel confident in our choices when making decisions during birth, we are more likely to stay calm and grounded and to feel empowered afterwards. 

  • Last but not least, it help us create habits and practices to stay relaxed while giving birth. And to identify practices that we already have, and bring them more into our routine. Think self-hypnosis and breathing practices, but also listening to your favorite songs, or using familiar, safe and relaxing smells while relaxing at home today, which you can easily bring with you for labor.

Additional benefits of HypnoBirthing:

  • Become confident when preparing for birth

  • Learn about pregnancy & prenatal care

  • Understand the stages of labor

  • Understand what to expect and how to prepare for a hospital, birth center, or home birth

  • Work out your birth preferences

  • Get a head start on postpartum and newborn care

Proven benefits of HypnoBirthing:
  • Less fear approaching birth

  • Fewer interventions and surgical births

  • Decreased use of oxytocics or AROM

  • Shorter 1st and 2nd phase labor

  • Fewer pre-term and low-weight babies

  • Lessened or eliminated need for analgesia

  • Happier and more content mothers & babies

  • Babies alert; able to nurse almost immediately

  • Few cases of postpartum depression reported

  • Infants with higher than average APGAR score

Does Mamamoon work like a postpartum workout app?

Yes and no.

Yes - we do share tips on when to start regular activity again, what to pay attention to when we decide to start exercising again, practices to ease or avoid common postpartum pains like lower back, or shoulder tension, full yoga flows to practice with us, tips on activities at home and activities to try with your baby around.

No - we are more than a postpartum workout app. Exercise is just one of the pillars that we base our program on. Regular activity can help us in recovery after childbirth, but it’s not the only element that is helping us through the postpartum recovery journey. Postpartum care, rest, self-care, mental health, nutrition, baby development, sleep coaching, breastfeeding, and relationship care are all part of the puzzle. With the right dose and healthy expectations towards what’s possible in a day while caring for yourself and your baby, we are sharing with you what helped other mamas and their partners through those beautiful, yet challenging times after birth.

When and how can I cancel my subscription?

You have the flexibility to cancel your subscription at any time, and the process is quick, taking less than 2 minutes. Please note: perform this action on a computer rather than within the app.

Here's a step-by-step guide:

- Log in to your account using a computer. Follow this link
- Navigate to your profile page.
- Look for the "Subscription Management" section on your profile page.
- Click on it, and you'll find a button to cancel your subscription.

That's all there is to it! Feel free to return at any time; if you decide to upgrade your account, it's a simple process that will also take just 2 minutes by following the provided steps.

Your Interactive Birth & Postpartum Coach