Mamamoon for business

Offer your employees the full Mamamoon package with exclusive business benefits.

Give your employees Expert guidance at their fingertips.

How is it relevant for your employees?
- Lower the risks of birth trauma & PPD.
- Improve the overall well-being of the working parent (to-be).
- Increase confidence in balancing career advancement and family/parenthood.

Employee webinars

Online webinars for your employees addressing the most common questions from pregnancy & parenting life.

Reporting & NPS

Independent surveys and reporting via the app.

Personal plan advice

1-on-1 call with a Mamamoon expert for every expectant employee to personalize their program.

Corporate events

Workshops, keynotes, or expert panel discussions. At your office, or an offsite location.

Trusted by established brands

From sustainable parenting solutions, B-Corp established companies and women's health advocates. The group of trusted partners is growing every week. Reach out to us, if you like to join the Mamamoon Partner community.

Mamamoon vs. ESGs & SDG's

With Mamamoon program we are not only supporting families but also keeping the bigger picture in mind that help to measure the sustainability and responsible business practices of companies

Right to health & Special protection for mothers and children  

Right to decide the number and spacing of children & Special protection for mothers and children

Equal rights of women in relation to employment

Protection of children from all forms of violence, abuse or exploitation

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