Empowered Motherhood: 'A Hypnobirthing Birth Story of Our Second Baby Girl'

A transformative journey of Nataliia's second pregnancy, navigating physical challenges and emotional turmoil, including a war in her home country. The narrative culminates in the empowering birth of baby Veronica, underscoring the importance of self-care, birth preparation, and rewriting the script of the birth experience.

Empowered Motherhood: 'A Hypnobirthing Birth Story of Our Second Baby Girl'

Pregnancy, and dealing with emotional and physical pains

Truly speaking it was not just labor but the whole pregnancy that gave birth to a new me. Of course, the most precious is our baby girl, who saw this world on April 18th, but first I'd like to share my personal experience, which was just miraculous.

Breathing issues

It all started in August when we got pregnant back in our home country Ukraine. Just a few weeks after I got breathing problems when there was a constant feeling of lack of air (hyper-ventilation inhaling).

As a yoga teacher, I've done lots of exercises, osteopathy treatment, and followed neurologist advice, but nothing helped. I had to focus on my lifestyle, nutrition, and schedule. After a few months of struggling  I had an online yoga class with my friend. She told this magic phrase: "relax your anus", - and it helped! Together with tension in my pelvic floor breathing obstruction was gone!!!

Restless legs syndrome (RLS)

When I was pregnant with our first daughter, I had severe restless legs syndrome (RLS). Which means I didn't sleep through the night because my legs were chaotically moving. And it came back - with the 2nd trimester.

This time I knew how I could reduce the symptoms: lots of special exercises and mental rest. I had to give up my work, education, and lots of social activities, to be able to handle it. But RLS was still there. Luckily we were back in Ukraine where I could check my minerals level. It turned out that iron was too law. And just after I started to take supplements (golden iron & H500) it was gone!

There were many other challenges I had to face and overcome, like rhinitis, which I managed to treat with a special diet.

Emotional struggles due to war in Ukraine

But the most challenging was the war in my home country that began 1 month before labor. I had such a big desire to help and support all those people who were reaching me with requests! After a few weeks of active involvement, my body was so much in pain that I had to stop all outer activities and direct my focus within.

Even watching the news where poisonous. Of course, I've felt guilty and desperate, helpless, but at the same time, I knew - that I was manifesting life and it was time for me to be joyful, to love life with all my heart! Those feelings didn't resonate with all that happened back home...

Nevertheless, I had to switch off from external, which was impossible because 6 people from our family arrived. We had to settle them as refugees and it was quite a big task to deal with emotionally vulnerable people, who left their houses and came into the unknown.

But thanks to taking great care of myself in the 6 previous months, I had the energy to support them. And our baby decided to give me time to settle everything before she was born.

Labor and birth of Veronica

Contractions started 2 weeks after the due date.

3 a.m. I was very centered, enjoying and diving into sensations. I asked my father to come and stay with our older daughter when we went to the hospital. My mother really wanted to join but she missed the bus. Which was for me another miracle, cause she is quite emotional and would disturb the peaceful process. Once in a while, my father would ask if he could help with something, which was very sweet.

5 a.m. I went out on the terrace and it was a magical moment of sunrise. Enjoying contractions, leaning over a hammock.

9 a.m. We went to the hospital with my husband and I told my dad that we were going to be back in a few hours 😂

Which was true!

My midwife said that I was doing great but she felt like it was good to break the water. I decided to trust her and contractions started to be harder.

We asked for the birthing pool and it really helped to reduce the intensity of pain.

My husband was counting my breath and holding my hand. I focused on his voice and it helped me to go into trance.

When the opening was at 6 cm I thought I could not do it anymore. My midwife was working on her laptop and suggested to wait another 15 minutes.
She put her hand on my back and it was such a relief!

The last part was pushing and I really regretted I didn't go to an osteopath before delivery.

The head of the baby was a bit stuck, so I had to push a bit longer in a special position, not in the pool.

After 1 hour SHE was there!!! And the placenta came out! (in my first labor it was stuck and I had to be operated on).

It was an amazing experience.

I wish I could do it again, but for now, we are complete😍

Baby girl and her parents short after joining them
Proud grandparents

Deeply grateful to you, Kasia, for being a woman who taught me how to connect to myself. For giving your support all the way through and afterward. For being a teacher and a friend. For sharing your love through knowledge. You are amazing!!! It's a blessing to meet you🙏🙏🙏

[From Kasia: Thank you so so much for taking the time to share the story, to give your trust in me, but mostly for being amazing you ❤️]

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