Natalia Garcia
June 26, 2023
8 min

C-section as an unexpected option: what I learnt is important to consider as a newly mom

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C-section as an unexpected option: what I learnt is important to consider as a newly mom

Everything was prepared for having a natural delivery, there was absolutely nothing that I missed: plans, clothes, meditations, snacks, empowering mantras, visual boards, you name it!

Picture: first induction done, not yet kicking in. Yet, 30 minutes after…this zebra was at the jungle~!

How did I end up with a c-section procedure?

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Long story short after two days of staying at the hospital having artificial inductions for my cervix to open, on Saturday the 16th October around 1:00 am our little one started getting quite high elevated heartbeats, three times I was asked to switch the way I was lying in bed due to it was just not possible to get the heart rate down. After these scary minutes the doctors came into the room and we discuss what was going on, options were given: to immediately proceed into a c-section or check what was going with her. As intuitive parents both of us we were not going to wait anymore, the induction was just not kicking in and our little one was getting uncomfortable. So this is how it all begun, we went for the c-section option, there was no other way as for the safest option.

I got to tell you that after feeling those contractions one after the other via the inductions and my cervix not opening, when the doctors mentioned the word “c-section” I was the happiest person in that room. I just couldn’t wait anymore to see my daughter and the risks were high if she stayed still inside, so if I think it twice, ‘god bless c-section’ as it was in our case one of the best options to keep both of us safe.  

I could write a whole new article on my own experience on inductions yet I want to focus on what I learnt and what could be of benefit for you, and please understand that what worked for me, might not work for you, yet if it does: mission accomplished! : )

The aftercare, I’m home…now what?

C-section is indeed another kind of recovery, you really have to take it easy after the surgery, let’s not underestimate they just took a human being out of your lower pelvic area, so that would be my 1st advise, be patient on yourself and do take care the first 40 days, the famous cuarentena how in Latin America is called.

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If you have stairs at home, make sure you have someone helping you on the first weeks for bringing food and drinks, do not go up and down those stairs, not at all. Literally is like hibernating like a mamma bear and your cub, is time for it, do it! Your c-section scar will thank you later! If it’s possible for you, create your whole living in one space, so you don’t have to be up and down everywhere and let yourself be help by the kraamzorg say as for cleaning matters. May help be welcome!

Wear loose clothes, yet as for underwear, I needed myself to wear tighter stuff, specially down there due to indeed the belly will get unswollen and meanwhile that happens I felted way more comfortable myself with this kind of underwear. The brands Spanx or even Skims, is underwear that gave a nice tight hug to my lower body and it made me felt free of movement. I literary waited for 2 weeks until I started using this kind of underwear. Also as for bras, get your most comfortable ones, during hibernation time, I used a lot of soft kind of sports bra yet they were absolutely not tight at all, they were really soft and easy to wear in, wear out.  

Have enough hygienic pads, the longer and thicker the better. Bleeding after a c-section is normal, especially after peeing or just suddenly, the body is cleansing after the surgery, make sure you have enough to protect and let go what your body is releasing.

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Before the delivery is recommendable to have a comfortable chair or coach for if you opting for breastfeeding, after having c-section make sure more than ever that you protect your lower area while sited. Use comfortable cushions so you could easily lay your little one on top of that cushion in between your lower abdomen and your breast, is comfortable for baby and comfortable for you :)

Soften, soften, soften, the most delicious after c-section, soften your skin not at the scar level, around it, that will also help the swollen to slowly work down, there are also special oils that are allowed just make sure that at scar level you just use recommended creams from your doctor, yet around it is way more lighter and that feeling is so heavenly.

If you are like me, missing your work outs, please be patient, this time is for your recovery. Your body will let you know when is strong enough to start going for walks as a start and then like going up the stairs: literally, one step at a time (avoid stairs! This is just a phrase:)

My emotional and psychological state after c-section

Picture: our first selfie at home as a family, one week after delivery.

I didn’t write about my experience afterwards, emotionally after been at the hospital for 5 days I was a bit in shock of everything happened and happening. The birthday and everything around it is something so remarkable in a woman’s life.

After it, when I arrived home, I was emotional, my senses were just out there in raw. I could just cry just by remembering everything and I was not able to talk about it, only after few days afterwards. I believe every woman goes their own way, yet if you feel like crying it out do it. There’s nothing more liberating than to letting your emotions settle in your body and letting them flow with kindness and love. Not to forget, there are so many hormones running around your body after delivery so do take your time to digest everything that happened. Share it if it’s fine with you with your partner, dare to be vulnerable, the freedom that comes afterwards has no words to describe.

To conclude.

C-section is not as bad as it is told, in many cases the safest solution and yes if you open yourself for c-section as a potential PLAN B by planning ahead, you and your little one are going to be fine! Remember that at the end is all about keeping you both alive and healthy. So if it is the only solution, so let it be and live the experience as it is.  

Looking back is a delight when you are aware that you took the best decision for you and your baby, from there already you are a Mamma Boss and on top of your game, so yes, you can do it and it will be fine :)

This are my core aftercare learnings after having a c-section:  

  • Take EXTREME CARE of yourself the first 40 days after the surgery.
  • Mind the stairs, literally is a NO GO after c-section!
  • Make sure you HAVE HELP for food and drinks.
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  • Wear whatever makes you MORE RELAXED, if loose clothes is fine do it, or if needed make sure you have underwear that will compress nicely that swollen tummy.
  • Have the BREASTFEEDING SPOT ready with comfortable pillows.
  • Pamper YOUR SKIN!
  • Take it easy with after recovery stretches, starting with CALM WALKS is always a good option.
  • Talk about your experience when you feel like it, talk with people you truly trust, sometimes talking is such a good way to PROCESS THE EXPERIENCE, let the words heal you.

Major learning is that even though you plan and visualize how everything will go, reality check: it won’t. And the best approach I took is just to relax, trust and stay open to the possibilities only for the betterment.  

Funny and uplifting fact when preparing for c-section:

I just got in love with the anaesthesia doctor, on our first encounter she offered us a famous dutch ice pop called ‘raketje’, God bless her soul, she was actually trying to stabilize my glucose levels. This was for me  an out of the world experience when everything could be bit scary. She gave us one before applying anaesthesia and another one after the delivery. Since then, those ice pops cannot be missing in our daughters birthdays! Claim your raketje with your anaesthesiologist, you might get lucky as we were!

If you would like to know more about my experience do not hesitate on contacting me via Instagram DM @natalia.garcia.she I will be happy to share everything that was of benefit in such a beautiful experience!

Thank you for reading!